Manor hiring for shooting

Sylvestre... The Plessis Josso can be hired for cinema shooting or videos recording.
Great interior and exterior possibilities are offered:

- 14th century Kitchen, with its authentic fireplace,
- 15th century hall, with its authentic fireplace and the seigniorial throne,
- Pageantry bedroom of the 17th century, entirely panelled, with an alcove.

- Manor honor courtyard,
- High Court,
- Ramparts and towers,
- Closed space of 3 hectares, available for jousts/tournaments/horse shows,
- Pond / forest / mill / attic ...

Film already shooted in the manor:
Chouans ! (film by Philippe de Broca, released in 1988).
Le réquisitionnaire, from Balzac's book.

Prices and information are available on request by mail or phone: .